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What do 'Unclaimed profile', 'Claimed profile', and 'Asks for reviews' mean?

What do 'Unclaimed profile', 'Claimed profile', and 'Asks for reviews' mean?

Want to know more about how a business is using Complete-Reviews? Head to their profile page to see whether it's been claimed and if they're actively asking customers to write reviews.

Did you know that it's consumers who decide which businesses are reviewed on Complete-Reviews? Yep — if you search for a business name or domain on Complete-Reviews and it isn't listed yet, you can add it. This will create a company profile page where people can start posting reviews!

Every business can claim their profile for free and engage with reviewers. We think it's important to show how each business uses our platform, like whether they've claimed their profile and are asking customers to review them.


Most of the time, “Unclaimed” means the business has never claimed their profile on Complete-Reviews and might not know it exists. We also have no records of them asking their customers to review them.

In some cases, “Unclaimed” means the business previously claimed their profile, but has since unclaimed it, and we have no recent records of them asking their customers for reviews.


This means the business has claimed their profile on Complete-Reviews and can access features like inviting customers to write reviews, replying to reviews, and being notified whenever someone writes a review.

Asking for reviews

If a business has claimed their profile, we let you know if they're regularly asking their customers for reviews — whether positive or negative. Businesses must ensure their review invitation process and language are fair, neutral and unbiased.

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